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Marcegaglia has created an integrated and comprehensive global logistic network to ensure maximum flexibility and punctuality in the delivery of products

Because of its business history, the group has created an integrated and capillary logistic network, in order to ensure maximum timeliness, flexibility and on time in delivering the products worldwide.


Marcegaglia’s logistic network includes 28 plants, 11 hubs located in the most strategic European production districts, 2 rail terminals and 2 port docks by the Mediterranean Sea, as an efficient distribution network to meet customer needs wherever in the world.


Property harbours and rail terminals:
Ravenna, San Giorgio di Nogaro
Main logistics hubs:
Kolding, Gdansk, Newport, Antwerpen, Hagen, Siegen, Karlsruhe, Lyon, Constanta, Gemlik, Tarragona

Condensatori statici a filo e a lamelle, ventilati a filo e a lamelle - Wire on tube, louvre static and ventilated condensers, Marcegaglia IMAT

via P. Zorutti, 13/14/16
33074 Fontanafredda, Pordenone - Italy
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