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Marcegaglia IMAT has a proven experience in supporting customer companies in the development of new energy-saving finished products involving refrigeration or heating pumps technologies, both in terms of engineering and know-how in products and process.

The product development department works to suggest the better technology for each product requirement (e.g. heat exchanger) but also to support partners who may need to substitute components for energy efficiency, refrigerating systems upgrading or for a more performant productive chain cost-efficiency.

Upon request, the department can also develop (from preliminary study up to the detailed project) the full refrigerating circuit, customized in terms of dimensions and optimization, offering innovative solutions and a reduced time-to-market period.

The advanced production technology, equipped with the latest automation systems, make any kind of finishing possible either on components or accessories, to meet the most demanding and specialized requirements.

Preliminary studies
• Dimensions and design
Simulation process (FEM)
• Product customization
Functional and aesthetic prototyping
Chemical laboratory
Testing: performance analysis and technical support

Condensatori statici a filo e a lamelle, ventilati a filo e a lamelle - Wire on tube, louvre static and ventilated condensers, Marcegaglia IMAT

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