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Marcegaglia expresses constant attention to the sustainability theme, in addition to skills and productive know-how

Costs control, energy saving and environmental care are expressed through the use of alternative energies, production energy recovery and reduction of waste, becoming for Marcegaglia a deep rooted value which makes the group a model of sustainable company.


Marcegaglia’s mills are equipped with photovoltaic plants for the production of energy and wastewater treatment plants, for the recovery of waste water, towards an increasingly clean company.


Sustainability and attention to the quality of the production process are also reflected in the commitment to the safety of workers, through constant innovation of the plants and the production system, with the aim of erasing the risks of human error ensuring the highest level of safety.

Condensatori statici a filo e a lamelle, ventilati a filo e a lamelle - Wire on tube, louvre static and ventilated condensers, Marcegaglia IMAT

via P. Zorutti, 13/14/16
33074 Fontanafredda, Pordenone - Italy
phone +39 . 0434 567 111 r.a.
fax +39 . 0434 998 777 •

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