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Marcegaglia IMAT louvre static condensers, made entirely from steel, consist of sheets with central louvers and side channels, welded together closing the serpentine inside the channels.
Products are fully compliant with all refrigerating gases: R600a, R290, R134a, R404a, R407C, etc.
Marcegaglia IMAT louvre static condensers are also compliant with R744 (CO2).

Louvre static condensers are more suitable, in terms of performances, in wide chimneys (normally deeper than 50 mm) or without chimney.

Thanks to the quality of materials employed, Marcegaglia IMAT wire on tube static condensers are suitable for all regions worldwide, including estreme tropical climate conditions.

Tubes are free from welds.


• Tubes: UNI EN 10139-DC04 steel, 4,76 x 0,7 mm OD or galvanized steel Ø 6 x 0,7 mm
• Serpentine pitch 60 – 32,5 mm, mixed 60/32,5 mm
• Tube max. length: 23 mt
• Maximum number tubes/condensers: 12
• Minimum sizes (W x H): 211 x 240 mm
• Maximum sizes (W x H): 780 x 1456 mm
• Steel plate UNI EN 10139-DC01
• Steel sheets thickness 0.3-0.4 mm
• Black cataphoresis paint
• Cleanness and internal humidity according to DIN 8964
• Resistence saline mist as per ASTM 8117/ISO 9227 > 48 h
• Tube ends (30 mm length) not painted to allow braze welding


• Optional processing on tube ends (tapering, swaging)
• Additional single or double entry dryer
• Additional vacuum tube or other copper fittings
• Additional fastening side elements: different solutions, parallel or inclined (from 8 mm up to 55 mm) with screw slots
• Other accessories upon request
100%-tested welds (max drop detected 1,0 g/year of refrigerating gas)

  Condensatori statici a filo e a lamelle, ventilati a filo e a lamelle - Wire on tube, louvre static and ventilated condensers, Marcegaglia IMAT

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